• Institut Paul Bocuse

    Facilitating the behavioural development of students at the Institut Paul Bocuse.

    The client

    Labeille Conseil devised a training module for personal development and interpersonal awareness. It was deployed by its consultants, who worked with 400 students at the Institut from the start of the new academic year in 2016- 2017 (1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the bachelor’s degree).

    The challenge

    The need was for a brand-new experiment to enhance the students’ awareness of their strong points and room for improvement, together with their managerial abilities to set up a team and project, and identify favourable contexts for professional success.

    The result

    Dominique Giraudier, Director General of the Institut, observed major changes in the students and greater enthusiasm, with an increased focus on each individual’s sense of their career possibilities.

  • SOLEA, tour operator

    Contributing to the success of a company

    The client

    In 2016, tour operator SOLEA entrusted its strategic recruitment to Labeille Conseil. It was seeking to fill general-management and sales-management posts when a successor took over from the company’s former chief executive.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Forming a team in the context of a new project
    • Assisting the company with interpersonal relationships / research into the corporate climate
    • Assessing the abilities and behaviour of the new recruits

    The result

    Knowledge of background and the openness of the company’s chief executive were factors that favoured success in meeting this challenge (as Maryvonne Labeille noted) in terms of corporate policy and shareholder confidence.

  • A leading company in the agri-foodstuffs sector

    Recruiting a Sales and Marketing General Manager.

    The challenge

    This assignment was entrusted to Labeille Conseil against a background of corporate transformation and change management. The direct-approach/consultant team, together with good knowledge of the context, attracted interest from high-quality candidates in the sector.

  • An international group

    Facilitating the personal development of executives and senior managers

    The client

    An assignment issued by a group employing 3,400 persons in a number of countries. The aim was to develop tomorrow’s resources and prepare its executives for changes in their environment. The cooperative application of specific methodology – from managerial approach to individual follow-up – was conducted by consultants in partnership with the group.

    The objective

    To implement a talent-development strategy to prepare the company for change and provide managers with a more accurate view of the situation, and supply the Human Resources Department with a tool for the predictive management of jobs and skills (more than 300 managers involved).

    To contribute to the personal development of a chief executive or members of the management committee using a tried and trusted methodology and assessment center (role playing in partnership with our talent-development business: Potentiel et Talents) and evaluation tools: 360°, personality tests and a development plan / coaching.

  • Recruitments we remember with pride

    • Head of development and Distributor Facilitation worldwide for a hotel-amenities group
    • Communication and Marketing Manager or a high-status luxury restaurant group
    • Assistant General Manager for a French training group
    • Strategic Key Account Manager for a major brand of personal equipment products
    • Development Managers in catering, events and exhibitions sector in the EMEA region
    • Hotel Managers generating growth for our clients
    • Assistant General Manager of a group specialising in home healthcare
    • Sales Manager of a home healthcare group

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